I really enjoyed blogging, but I think I may actually go in a new direction with my writing, but maybe later on when I’m all finished with my education. Actually, before I could study and blog with ease, but now I’ve been taking on even more life projects, and just don’t find the time to blog much anymore.

I have learned a lot blogging though, and certainly feel I’ve gained some experience with writing constantly.

Who knows, I may come back here in the future, but then again, maybe not. I’m leaving this blog up because some of the writing may prove useful to some people in the future.

Just to see if any people actually read this blog,leave a comment if you do. I doubt I may reconsider, but you never know.

-You local nerd, Raphy

The $4 million dollar Harry Potter spinoff – Bought and Publicized

As none of you know or care, I wrote a blog post talking about the rumors circling of there being more Harry Potter – related books this past August. Then as it turns out, Amazon had recently bought the new book, titled “The Tales of Beetle the Bard”. The Tales of Beetle the Bard are mentioned in the 7th Harry Potter book, and have a few fairy tales, which only one of was shown in the Harry Potter books.

There were only 7 copies made, and only one was going out to the public. Don’t start crying yet though Harry Potter fans. As it turns out Amazon, the buyer of the 7th copy of the book has decided to share it with the public, and has a special page on their website that shows reviews of the book and even pictues, and a video all the way down, you’ll have toscoll down quite a bit though.

Check it out, now. Because I said so.

The tales of Beetle the Bad, at Amazon.com

Locating a Wii this Christmas (and what to buy for it)

Both Christmas and Wintereenmas are coming up, and yes I am looking for a few more hits on my blog.


Somewhere in July of this year I remember searching for a Nintendo Wii across the internet, and even tried using Nintendo Wii locators. Those are maybe 2 hours that I will never get back. None of the Wii locators led me anywhere less than 100 zip codes away. And I hate traveling almost as much as round the clock Christmas carols.

Where to look

  • Wii.Yahoo.com/buyers-guide – Its the only locater I can actually tell you about that is even worthwhile. The locater uses Yahoo! maps to find a nearby Wii, by simply asking you for your zip code.
  • Refreshthing.com – There is one more that you can use though. It shows the latest update on where a Wii can be found online by checking sites such as Amazon, and updates every 30 seconds.

Upgrade the “Experience”

The ultimate list of websites optimized for the Wii (even more to be added)

To be continually updated (Updated: 2x)


So I have a Wii. I play games, and surf the internet with it. Still, it’s only a matter of time before I run out of games to play and things to do online, especially if the nearest GameStop is half an hour away and I’m too lazy to get up and buy myself a new game, seeing as how I’m trying to enjoying this extra day of freedom.

The below list includes links to websites with:

Instant Messengers | Search Engines | Music | Videos | Flash Games

If you own a Wii, why don’t you bookmark this page so you can easily find Wii-optimized sites later. Also, if you need help with your Wii or want to see more Wii-related content out http://www.wiitalk.co.uk However, there won’t be an abundance of links right away. First I’m trying out all of the sites, so I can give an honest but short review before you visit the site. Anyway, enjoy!

WiiAim– This is the AOL Instant Messenger specifically made to function easily with the Wii. However, it hasn’t been released yet. Keep this one bookmarked though if you happen to use AIM frequently. For now, you can use AimOnPSP, made by the same company to run AIM with in your Wii internet browser. 🙂

Wii.Clusty.com– A site based around the sole objective to let people search the web, which also happens to be optimized for mobile devices such as cell phones, and the Wii.

You can always download your favorite music onto an SD card, but instead just use online services to create playlists that you can access from your Wii.

Finetune– Create several or at least one playlist from your computer, then access them from your Wii using Finetune at http://finetune.com/wii! No downloads needed at all. If anybody feels like listening to my playlist(s), simply click on the profile icon there and type in “mvraphy” without the parentheses. Each playlist can be up to 45 songs and have only three songs from each artist, that way you don’t get tired  from listening to only one music artist.

Wii Hear: Choose from many diverse online music stations on a list, or connect to any other station you like here and stream music from it. Just follow the instructions on the radio page.

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Think2.0 – Easy Draw it Yourself Web Design Online App


My favorite method of learning, and doing projects has always been the one where anything goes. No need for an outline given by the instructor that lets in no original work of your own. Also, I feel my blog is missing a factor, the one that creates interaction between the blogger and the reader (if I have any readers) so I decided to try a new segment where I take one of my best ideas, share it with everyone, and see how much readers add to it over time. Maybe even at some point an idea or two may become something worthwhile to make real.

Today’s topic is: Creating an online service that lets users design a custom web page using for free presets and tools that insert Divs and such. Heres an example of an application similar to my idea:

Considering the fact that users will be able to draw things using an online application, all the divs and such drawn out can be inserted using absolute positioning. Here’s some other features that I think should probably be included of mine making no prior expertise needed:

– Use a “Code” and “Visual” view so that users can edit the HTML itself as well.
– Option of using PHP for better users.
– Anybody know what programming language WordPress’ word processor is made of? Maybe the same language should be used for this. Or maybe Ajax?
– Have option of using preset border designs.
– Have option of creating and saving styles as an external style sheet instead with IDs and Classes.
– Don’t want to make it seem like myspace, but maybe there should be a blog feature, and on every other page a small box with the most recent blog posts and more could be shown.
– Upload and insert images or insert images on another server like Photobucket.
– Integration with Photobucket would be better actually. Log into Photobucket from this account and simply drag and drop or images into a div or use absolute positioning.
– Have filters to add glossiness, and effects such as those found in Picnik. Or rather integrate Picnik as well.
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Write, store, and access your documents with a great Editor on the Web. Free.

I noticed I have never done something like this before, so here goes nothing. :)First off, I want to talk about my favorite and only “real” word processor I know about, that can be accessed only on the web. Its name is “Buzzword” (developed by Ubiquity), and its easy to sign up and get into the public Beta. (That’s because it’s still getting new features added.) All you need to use it is a working Windows or Mac computer with Adobe Flash Player. It uses a very unique and simplified interface, and the usual features that let you insert and easily customize tables, spell check, and more are all there. But what really makes it so special is not just one, but several features all talked about in the list below.

1. Have Image. Will Follow. – You can upload an image quickly to Buzzword’s server, drag and drop the image anywhere into the text, and all of the text will easily flow around the image like water.

2. All files stored online – Instead of carrying around a small floppy disc, USB drive, or even your 18 pound laptop so you never have to let go of your important files, fear no longer. Now all you need to do is tattoo your email address and password to your arm to be able to access your files online. FREE.

3. Compatibility with Word – Online your Buzzword documents use their own “Buzzword” format. But when you want to download the file to your desktop, simply choose “save as”, and save it as a doc. file and you can easily open it in latr on in Microsoft Word. Easy right? Absolutely.

4. A little ruler that can easily be stored away and taken back out.

5. Document Version History – By clicking the little Greek or Roman character shown at the bottom of the screen, you can see all of the past versions of your document, and revert to it if it had something important.

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Back up your Browser’s Passwords, Extensions, more.

mozbackup.pngRecently I screwed up while partitioning my laptop and lost all my files. Yippee. 😦 Luckily, I had found a freeware program called MozBackup and had backed up all of my Firefox passwords and more. So I had the backup file on another computer and only had to use MozBackup there and restored all my passwords, bookmarks, and some of my add-ons. Heres what MozBackup can backup:

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