Greasemonkey, customize the Web’s pages

Greasemonkey Blog Logo Long ago in the dark depths of an iphone-less world in the year 2005 or 2004, i forget; came something totally unrelated to the iphone, the apple company, or even Steve Jobs and his phobia of buttons. It was a monkey, and it was covered in grease. But that monkey was actually a logo, representing one of the most amazing Firefox plug-ins ever. It was called Greasemonkey, which you should have guessed by the title of this article.

Anyway, this plug-in lets you install and use scripts (created using javascript) that can bend the laws of the web page’s creator itself. There may be problems every now and then if your script conflicts with the web pages script, but if you know javascript well enough you can always find a way around. Some features of Greasemonkey is that you can install scripts and have them up and running right away with only the need to reload after editing the page with a script. You can also disable and re-enable or even turn Greasemonkey on and off at any time without the need for the annoying Firefox restart. Of course you’ll have to reload the page being affected by the script, but thats only a minor nuisance.

Some good examples of what you can do with Greasemonkey is being able to get rid of all that annoying custom myspace layouts, and turn off the script with the push of a button. You can also force Gmail to use a secure connection and give your Gmail the ability to use Emoticons. (Which reminds me, if you see someone talking about “GM” scripts or something similar, they’re probably talking about Greasemonkey). Anyway, enough talk, I’m sure you’d like to try it out yourself. And if you want to learn some javascript methods and how to use Greasemonkey properly, i included links to the files in the Other Helpful Downloads section of this post and in My Shared Box files, located near the bottom of the right sidebar. Also included is a link or two to places where you can download finished scripts for your personal use. Enjoy!

Example Screenshots:
Myspace with Custom CSS
Myspace with layout set to Default by a Greasemonkey script

Download Information Pages:
Firefox Info
Greasemonkey Info

Direct Downloads:
Firefox browser in case you don’t have it.

Other Helpful Downloads:
Greasemonkey Hacks by Mark Pilgrim
Dive into Greasemonkey PDF

Script Depositories:


4 Responses

  1. In case you were wondering the myspace pictures have marks all over them to hide information that my friend wouldn’t want shared.

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