Random Good add-ons for browsers.

Here are some free yet good add-ons or plug-ins you can install for you web browser. Please note that they don’t work for every browser or every version of certain browsers and may have different features. But they may in the near future so you should check their site every month or so. (Click on the name to get to the info page of the product, im not including direct links so you know bit more about before you download.)

Cooliris PicLens– Firefox 2.0, Windows XP or Vista required:
Lets you view pictures at full size from places such as Google Image quickly and elegantly. The application and user interface take up your entire screen but has a very clean and simple interface and is very fast at loading.

Cooliris Previews– Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Flock: This lets you preview we pages before opening them. Its loads VERY quickly, and act like a mini browser.

I heard that the Browster add-on for Firefox works very well also and is similar to Cooliris Previews but the website was bought out and i could no longer find a download link.

Download Status Bar-Firefox-
Shows your download(s) status within your status bar and has other options such as color customization and the ability to manage your downloads with a (right) click. Also has a tooltip design that lets you preview the image you’ve downloaded.

Thats all for now. I’ll be posting more every now and then.

Update: It seems that there are some glitches when you have both of the Cooliris add-ons sometimes, such as both of them flashing continuously. That seems to happen rarely though to me, the other one is how sometimes the Page Preview won’t load the page right away or not appear for a while. It seems rather annoying, so I’m hoping to find the Browster add-on which is said to work better.


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