Feedburner gives Instant Results!

Only yesterday i subscribed for Feedburner’s services. Its main service is to create an RSS feed for your blog or website. But the other services it provides Feedburner gives involves promoting your site or blog on other websites that get a lot of traffic to help increase traffic at your site. Best of all, its free! (to upgrade and place ads on other websites though costs a bit). Anyway, i signed up for as many services as i could, and received a spike in visitors by about 61, only about 59 more than usual. It also seems like I’m not the only one. It seems like the swiss job had similar results, but even better. He showed up on WordPress’ homepage! Here’s an example of my blog’s traffic in the past 30 days

Update: It seems like Feedburner actually had nothing to do with him showing up on the front page of WordPress, but Feedburner still helps your site gain traffic.

Blog Traffic in past 30 days

That huge spike in at the end is the exact same day i registered for Feedburner!So if you want to help gain traffic for your blog, try out Feedburner and use as many of their services as possible.

Register for Feedburner
Feedburner Services
The Swiss Job’s post on feedburner

And i happen to have had encounters with hackers who’d then spam all over your online account, so i just felt like saying that this is not an ad, i simply wrote it because my experience is real. Not sure what difference it makes though because i could be a spammer and you cant prove it. Haha, well anyway have fun with your feedburner account.

Update: Just to let people know Opera version 9.23 was released recently and it fixes both some security issues and stability issues.

To download for Windows click here.
To download for another system click here.
Or to download it in another language click here.


4 Responses

  1. Great entry, but not sure exactly what services you are using with Feedburner. I’ve been using their services for a while and I’ve noticed no increase in traffic or anything unless I wanted to pay.

    Let me know. Drop a line, add a link, subscribe or just have a look at: http://mag22-anythingandeverything.blogspot.com/

  2. […] can also see my success story of how Feedburner increased my site traffic by clicking here. Well anyway, heres a short tutorial of mine on how to activate as many free services from […]

  3. Hey Mega, I was a little too excited about the Feedburner thing. I now realise that it had nothing to do with my WordPress front page. However it has increased my viewing figures and I consistently getting twice what I had before. Twice of nothing is still nothing but I’m happy 🙂

  4. Thats good to hear the swiss job. Sadly it seems like my blog has been going down in traffic from 62 visits to 36 daily. I’m hoping to get 40 today though. But i shouldn’t really complain since before Feedburner I had about 2 visits daily. 🙂

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