The Ansem Retorts & Ctrl+Alt+Del

For those that have nothing better to do and want to just sit back a home and spend quality time with your computer while laughing at the same time, i bring you the “Ansem Retorts”. They’re basically comic strips online created by a really messed up person, but nevertheless their strangeness makes it really funny. It follows the story of several characters, mainly from the Kingdom Hearts series and the story of some from the Final Fantasy Series (both are video games created by either Square Enix, Disney, or both) as they are recruited to appear on a reality show either because of Amnesia, Add, an addiction to three or more different types of drugs, and their obsession of killing. It eventually tries to involve the usual story of good versus evil but it really doesn’t seem like the characters care that much about it. It worth a read if you’re bored. (Please take note that the story involves lots of foul language, killing, and offensive material, if you think u wont mind go ahead and read it. But if you are too sensitive to insults, stay away if you are a dedicated viewer or worker of/from the Fox Network, come from Tibet, have amnesia, ADD, are emo, or a drug addict. )

Another comic strip that looks way better and is also on television as well as online. Its called Ctrl + Alt + Del and follows the story of two teenagers trying to make their comic strip/tv show original. Its also pretty good, and worth a read if you still have free time after reading all the Ansem Retorts comic strips.

First Ansem Retort comic strip
Ansem Retort Home Page
First Ctrl+Alt+Del comic strip
Ctrl+Alt+Del Home Page

(To get to the Ansem Retort comics from their Home page you have to click the button on the upper left that says “Ansem Retorts”. Its easy to find the Ctrl+Alt+Del comics link.


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