Great Greasemonkey Scripts

Here’s another new segment on my blog. This one is for when I find any good Greasemonkey scripts that i feel i should share. If you don’t own Firefox, and need the script for Internet Explorer you should try either Trixie or Turnabout.

  • Find Wide Images in your blog/site – Find images that are too wide with this user script created at IDT labs(not the the university). To download it directly click here. To find instructions on using this script click here.

  • Search CC’d Flickr Pics – Another script from IDT labs allows you to search Flickr for only images under the Creative Commons license (that means you can use the images in your projects as well). Download directly or view the Information Page.

  • Yahoo Pipe Cleaner – Yet another from IDT labs, if you’re a big fan of Yahoo Pipes and constantly copy code over to your blog pr website, you should use “Yahoo Pipe Cleaner”. It removes any and all H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 headers, rel=nofollow, class/id CSS selectors, and replaces paragraphs with list elements. Download Directly or view Information Page.

  • GmailSecure – Force Gmail to use a secure connection with this short script: Download or view Info.

  • Mailto 2 Webmail – Open your favorite Email Client instead of always having a pop-3 client like Outlook open. Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Google Apps Mail. Download or view info.

  • MyspaceHax – Gives menu access to MySpace profile sections (including hidden ones) by adding a little box in the top right corner. Download or view info.

  • Myspace custom layout dis/enable – Disable or Enable all those annoying myspace layouts with a click of a button. Most of you will probably just disable the custom layouts though. 🙂 Download or view info.
  • Gmail Emoticons – Shows a link that will open a table of Emoticons (Emotion Icons) that you can drag into ur email. Download or view info page.
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