Random Links Part 1

Starting today I’m going to start doing “random links” posts that include links to some of the better websites that will to help you find certain things such as song lyrics or torrents, free yet very good software and even articles on how to increase your Vista’s activation deadline. Click read more to read… 🙂

Interesting Blogs:

Web Services:

Useful Articles

Technology, Books, Home Improvement, life during war and more:


Media and Socialites:

Stupid Stuff:

imgbay.org- where intelligence goes to die. Doesnt even deserve to be indented


2 Responses

  1. Thanks a bunch! I have started to explore more in your blog!

  2. Thanks for the inclusion in the blog. Always appreciate a little publicity. Oh, and I followed your advice on the FeedBurner Pro stuff, worked perfectly! Nice work! And I’m just not getting in GreaseMonkey because of your recent post! Thanks!


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