Google also to compete with iTunes?

According to Google and Universal Music Group have created “GBox” in which users can search for a song on Google and then using Google’s text ads they will show a link to that song on GBox where you can buy the song DRM free. Over at G4‘s “Attack of the Show’s” “The Loop segment” they were talking about whether or not Google and Universal could really compete with iTunes. Personally I think iTunes is easier to use but maybe in the future GBox may be a bit of competition, unless people search for torrents with Google instead . Here are the system requirements copied straight from the site:Operating System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Vista, Windows XP, 2000, ME

Web Browser Requirements

The gBox is optimized for use with the following browsers:

  • – Internet Explorer 6.0 +
  • Full access to
  • Create, Manage and Publish your wishlist
  • Download gifts
  • Give gifts to other people
  • – Firefox 2.0 + FULL SUPPORT COMING SOON
  • You can continue using Firefox but only to view your friends’ gBox wishlists and gifts.
  • In order to visit, join, create your own gBox wishlist and to download your gifts, you will need to use Internet Explorer 6.0+

Sadly Mac users can’t use GBox at all, but it might only take a few months until they can. Anyway, the site is done using mainly Flash, and lets you create a wish list and gives you the code for it so you can post your wish list on your website or myspace, and lets you know which songs you received and donate songs. And if you want to get it right away, you can buy it. The search feature doesn’t work very well though and It took me a while to find 30 Seconds to Mars songs since the search results didn’t show them, which I easily found on iTunes. GBox also has less songs than iTunes. So I’d stick to iTunes and/or torrents for the next few years. To read the full article at Last100, click here.


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