Random Links Part 2

Well considering the fact that Random Links Part 1 has risen to the spot as #1 post on my blog in less than a day, I’ve decided to continue with it for a while. Here is a second round of useful links that might help you find new websites you’ll like. If you feel that your website, or another website or blog should be shown here too leave a comment and I’ll check out the site and respond as soon as possible. 🙂

Project Releases to look forward to:

  • WordPress Comment Ninja – Script for Greasemonkey (Yes i am obsessed with Greasemonkey). Lets you respond to comments from the comment administration panel on your dashboard. Release: End of August. Click for more info.
  • Blueprint CSS – Create web page styles using a new type of CSS Framework that uses easily customizable grids to make it perfectly organized and aligned. Its a great idea from a tech-student, but it shouldnt be used yet for publishing websites because it is still in development. Example.

Software and Web Services:

  • Wordrackers | Keywords Type in a word and find out what related words are searched most daily. Too bad it costs money though, but theres a free trial, and you can always lie to keep using the free trial.
  • DivShare – Another file hosting service, but with this one you can even embed files on websites, show your company logo in your embedded files, get 200 MB of space, not have your files deleted after a certain period of inactivity, create image galleries, get support for a lot of your files, and much more. (Free to Sign Up)

Useful Articles:

  • A Faster Firefox – Tells you how to configure your Firefox browser to run better and faster.

Torrents and Torrents Sites:

  • Mini Nova -I might have mentioned TorrentSpy instead but this one has less ads and adult material so you can safely search it while around your family.
  • Torrent Scan – A handy site that lets you search a dozen or so (search engines are added and removed every now and then) popular torrent websites without opening any new windows.

Interesting Websites:

  • ProBlogger – Similar to Money Making Teen,has some interesting articles to help draw traffic to your site or blog.
  • Archive.com, Wayback Machine – Lets you view web pages as they once were and also archives some other files, but is really mostly notable for the Wayback Machine.
  • SCORE Small Business Counseling – Has some interesting articles to help improve your service and help increase the number of satisfied clients.

Media and Socialites:

  • Flock Browser – This is focused around social websites so you can easily upload photos to Flickr, insert photos into emails, comments fields, and even blog all you favorite things using Flock.

Stupid Websites:

  • Falling Bush – This is rather stupid but also rather funny and fun at the same time. Grab him by left-clicking and holding down the left-mouse button over him. Now you can fling around any way you want.

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  1. Again a nice article. I like this blog. Keep on the good work. Thanks

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