Joost, a Youtube for your desktop?

Myself, as someone who likes to be up to date with any new progresses in technology, also like trying out Betas of projects in progress. If you spend all day on your computer, I’m sure you would too. Now I’m certain that whoever is reading this would also know of Youtube, with all of its many channels and categories, but in case you don’, it’s an online community where users can upload and share their favorite videos, either filmed by them or a television network. But they’re not the only group involved in the same business. Theres another company called Joost, but with this new piece of software, theres a lot more that you can now do. For example, you can watch all the videos from a certain television network for free from your computer such as CNN or IMF at any time and anywhere you want. (There are certain specifications such as the need for Broadband or a fast computer, but sometimes you can still use Joost.) The videos aren’t exactly high quality, and won’t look like it unless you stand bout five feet away from your computer, and sometimes there are bugs every now and then because its in development, but it’s still worth having it because it makes it easier to find those shows that won’t be shown on Youtube anymore because of a lawsuit.

As you can see by my other recent post on Joost, you can post to your blog with a Joost widget, but so far only WordPress, Livejournal, Typepad, MetaWebLog, Blogger, and Really Simple Discoverability are supported by this feature. But it also has some rather interesting features. Since the program mainly runs in Full-Screen Mode, it has handy little widgets such as a clock, an instant messenger (only supports Jabber and Gtalk), and a customizable News Ticker. There are some others that let you rate the video and such, but those I really don’t need to talk about because they’re common features these days. Anyway, you should try it for yourself at the links below.

I’d also like to both say thanks to mag-22 for once again helping me get some more publicity in one of his most recent posts. (If you’re a college student or into computers you should check out his blog here.) Also, I really should have mentioned this a long time ago, but there has been a Flock browser that is very similar to Firefox, (it even supports all of the same things as Firefox, its basically like Firefox’s Socialite baby) but this one easily lets you copy snippets from web pages such as videos and text, then post them to your blog with its sidebar. Its great for people who are always in contact with friends while online. Check out more about Flock at their web page.

Minimum Specifications for Joost:
CPU: 500 MHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Memory: 48 MB
Windows Version: XP
DirectX Version: 9.0c

DirectX 9.0c Download in case you need it.

-Joost Website
-If you have Vista, it might will still work with Joost. If you want to try out Joost for yourself, you can sign up here, or just drop a comment here and I’ll be glad to send you an invite for you to try out Joost free. (The entire program is free as far as I’ve seen, including concert as such) 🙂

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