Stop unneccessary programs from running at start-up

Just another quick tip to help speed up your computer at start-up. Open “Run”, which should be in your start menu. If you’re using Vista and never enabled it, right-click on your start menu and select “Properties” and while you’re under the “Start Menu” tab click Customize. Near the end of the list you’ll see “Run”. Check off the box next to it. Click OK at the bottom and then again at the “Taskbar and Start Menu properties” menu. Now you should find Run easily. Click Run, and then in the text box that shows up type in “msconfig” (without the quotation marks). Vista will ask you if you started that action. Click Continue. A “System Configuration” menu will show up now. Go to the Startup tab and there unselect any services you don’t want starting up. Be careful what you choose though because some may ruin your computer. I recommend creating a restore point before you do this. (Click here to see a handy article on how to create one)Now click okay and you’re done. Sometimes it may tell you that you need to restart your computer before any changes take effect, but I’ve never had to and I doubt you have to bother doing do.

Update: If you use AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) you will have to restart your computer to disable it from running at start-up.


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