Make Your Websites Stand Out with Great Javascripts

These days becoming a good website maker is starting to take its place as a great stay at home job. Except it can be very complicated and frustrating at times, and these days to make sure you get a good job, you have to make sure your designs stand out. Now among the 6 billion plus web pages, it can be very hard to do, since anyone with a fifth grade education can learn how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Thats why these days other than CSS, javascript is one of the best ways to make your web page something extraordinary. (In case you didn’t know Javascript is not the same or related at all to the “Java” language.) Recently I’ve surfed the web for some of the best javascripts I could find, and found some places that have some great javascripts. All you have to do is upload them to your server, add a link in your page’s head section to them, and then you’re able to do things such as “magically” add reflections to images without using Photoshop, and much more.

MooTools – This is a great piece of javascript framework which is very compact, modular, and object-oriented. With it you can write great scripts that will work on just about any browser, and be considerably shorter. This is only for people at an intermediate and advanced experience level with javascript. Javascript is definitely worth learning though.You can choose what you want to be included in the MooTools script such as FX.Transitions or just the Core script and if you want it to be compressed or uncompressed so you can easily edit it. I’d go with downloading the Core and most of the rest of the code except the effects and such, which you can easily add later if you need it. Also, leave the file uncompressed so you can easily go and add more code afterwards.
| MooTool Home | Download Page |

Reflection.js – Found over at is another handy little script that uses MooTools to let you add reflections below your images like this:

and it lets you change the size and everything of the reflection easily. This creates some restrictions if you’re using light box with it but if you avoid them this goes great with lightbox.
| Reflection.js for MooTools|

Faster Not so dynamic Lightbox – Most of the lightboxes I find involve the box with the image within it resizing like magic before letting the image loads. But at I found a simpler script that loads the image almost right away with less waiting than usual and works cross-browser, the only thing I really didn’t like so much is that if you used it with a really big image, it won’t resize it; so you may want to go with the regular lightbox. (Its called “Image Thumbnail Viewer at Dynamic Drive.)
| Image Thumbnail Viewer | Lightbox 2.0 | Dynamic Drive |

Thickbox, a lightbox on steroids – This is similar to lightbox, except with this script you can use it with Flash Objects, and they don’t implement all those fancy and annoying transitions. You’ll need the jQuery Javascript Library too though located here:
| Thickbox 3.1 | jQuery Download page |

Javascript Collections: You can find other websites with collections of many different types of effects made using javascript. Some examples of them are: make a certain element draggable and resizeable by the user within a certain boundaries, a splash page (one of those pages that appear as an interlude when you’re surfing to another page, used by PC World and such for advertisements, and add toolptips to links.
| | |

Alternative Javascript Frameworks: If you dont like MooTools here are some other javascripts frameworks you can use
| Prototype Javascript Framework |

Extra: I found a book for all the web designers out there to help you create better designs. I haven’t managed to read all of the book but it’s worth checking out if you want some help on learning how to make your web pages better. You can download the book directly here. To open the compressed file you’ll need WinRar, which you can choose which language to download it for here or download (english) version 3.70 directly here.

I even found another blog with some great content for web designers that has help and “cheat sheets” for several programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, PHP. MySQL, and much more. Check it out here.

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  1. in extra: there is no download link please check once again

  2. There you go sandeepeecs. I put in the links, I’ll make sure to have all the links in my post next time. 🙂

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