Wii the most enviroment friendly console?

Just an update to a post i wrote a short while ago, someone had measured how much electricity his house’s appliances used up, and found that the Wii was one of the most energy efficient consoles.

Attaching a device that measures electricity use to various gadgets around his Silicon Valley home, Takahashi found that the Wii consumed just 17 watts. Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360, on the other hand, is a veritable power hog, sucking down 194 watts, rivaling Takahashi’s 42-inch plasma TV. The Sony (SNE) PlayStation 3 wasn’t much better, guzzling 171 watts by Takahashi’s measure. Nintendo scored a huge hit with the Wii’s relatively simple graphics and family-friendly games that require players to put down the Cheetos and get off the couch. By eschewing traditional testosterone shoot-to-kill gaming that requires ever more powerful chips to render movie-quality scenes, the Wii is also doing a decent job playing the carbon game.

That is another reason that makes the Wii a better buy than the hefty PS3. I bought it, and if you do you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Original article Here

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