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Random LinksSorry about the recent lack of updates on pretty much anything since I’ve been rather busy, but I’m back with another round of completely random but useful links (except for the daily stupid link I always feature here). This round includes links on how to make smoke grenades, paper wallets in two minutes, clean up your PC’s desktop, and create a free website and then make money with it.

Make a Difference:

  • Blog Action Day – they are an international organization with a simple and rather interesting goal. They plan to reach out to all over the internet with a simple idea, To Save the Environment. You can easily sign up to support them for free, and all you have to do is write a post on your blog or website that relates to the environment on October 15. If you own a programming blog, write about ways to use less paper in your office, how technology can save the environment, or just write about how important it is to save the environment! Its truly amazing how big their audience is so far, as much as 3.25 million as of today! They also have some resources to help you find something to write about. And if you don’t want to post something on a site you can also donate to the organization. To register so they’ll know how many people are helping click here. You can also see the promotional trailer. If you still need motivation there are videos here and you can also watch “The 11th Hour” movie trailer, which also talks about the environment.
  • Give back to the widget authors who give things for free: Most widget authors spend days putting together code for a widget so they can give it away to everyone for free. If you think that certain authors deserve to get money back for their efforts, each month you can nominate your favorite widget authors. here so they can get paid for their efforts.

Great websites:

  • move over jason osbourne – this is a really entertaining website that teaches you how to do things such as make smoke grenades, make a remote controlled detonator for your fireworks with a cell phone, turn a $10 flashlight into a $100 police flashlight, and much more! Please take note though that most of the videos are for entertainment purposes and not for stuff like scaring the heck out of your cat by detonating something under him while he sleeps or making everyone believe the school is being attacked by Martians.
  • Ip-Adress.com – If you have a person’s IP Address you can use this to find out where they’re connecting to the Internet from, or even where you’re connecting from. It doesn’t show the exact location really, just the server’s location through which someone connects to the internet, but that is usually within 5 to 10 miles away, possibly farther.
  • The Best Page in the Universe – Here you can here the rambllings of someone who couldn’t really care less about getting hate mail. Most of the writing is only for mature audiences. Knowing how kids are though they probably would go visit the site anyway.

Useful Articles:

  • Reducing Visual Clutter on your Desktop – Follow the steps there to get rid of the heap on your computer’s screen. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Create a 100% free site– Read all of this article to learn how to create your own free website and then make money out of it. (not an ad) It is mainly focused around making a video website, but its a rather good article if you are new at website making and want to get your site up and running quickly. The article failed to mention you could host your site for free at Blogger. Now just don’t forget to make it nice and organized. 🙂
  • Speed up Vista with “ReadyBoost” – Use any USB thumb drive to speed up your Windows Vista PC with (yet another way)
    with Windows “ReadyBoost”.
  • Hacking into College – If you only know a bit more than enough about computers to get by, you can probably use this article to “hack” into your computer’s college. Only for entertainment purposes though, but you could always try hacking your own house’s network.
  • Make a paper wallet in 2 minutes – If you don’t have enough money for a wallet or are always either losing or ripping apart your wallets, you can easily make one out of paper in a few minutes so you don’t have to waste money on new wall. You can view the video or just the text version with pictures here. I should definitely try this out.
  • Load Gmail faster – If your Gmail is loading rather slowly or you use Dial-Up, try changing the url of http://gmail.com to https://gmail.com. Thats pretty much it, but I still included the link to the article.

Website Services:

  • Among Us – This is a newer service that brings you information on your blog’s/site’s traffic, but instead of telling you how much visitors you get each day, it tells you how much visitors you get at the same time. For example if you have three active visitors online, this service will tell you which pages they are reading and what country they come from. This service also shows you how much visitors you currently have viewing your site.

Blogging and Web Design:

  • Qumana Blog Editor – This is a downloadable application that lets you blog directly to your blog from your desktop. It updates itself to your blog’s recent posts with a click of a button, lets you insert ads which you get paid for (done using Q-ads), . It can’t do the same “apply new tags” feature that WordPress can, but it can apply tags that have been used before, insert links to tag pages at Technorati, and update the time automatically using your computer’s clock. It uses the usual WYSIWYG editor (What you see is what you get Editor) and a “Source View” editor. But it usually messes up the code in my post and then I’m stuck fixing it all. t could just be my own lack of remembering to close all my html tags, but either way I use it for the sake of not having to wait so much for WordPress’s Post Editor to load since Qumana works faster. My rating: 3/5. WordPress’s Editor is better, but Qumana is faster and easier to access. If you like typing up all the HTML code on your own you might be ok with using this program.
  • Hacking into College – If you only know a bit more than enough about computers to get by, you can probably use this article to “hack” into your computer’s college. Only for entertainment purposes though, but you could always try hacking your own house’s network.


  • QuickRiddle – A difficult but entertaining game where you have to solve riddles to proceed to the next level.


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