My Halo 3 Song

This is a song I wrote as a joke that is in tune to “Wake me up when September ends” the live version by Green Day. I don’t have anything against gamers or people who like the Halo games, I actually enjoy Halo myself a bit. I just wrote it mainly to show in general that things like the Apple iPhone or the Sony PS3 aren’t important enough to lose your job or family. I’m planning to record the song with my great guitar skills and (not so good) singing skills and release it for free to anyone who wants it when Halo 3 is released, but the quality won’t be very good due to my horrible equipment. If you have any feedback, good or bad, feel free to drop a comment. You can also use them and record your own version, just leave a link to hear the song. Just please don’t claim the lyrics as your own because they took me about (half) an hour to write. (Did I mention they’re under my Creative Commons License?) Enjoy!

“Wake Me Up When Halo 3’s released”

The Halo Beta has come and passed
the halo game is such a blast
wake me up when halo 3’s released
I’m on a line to pre-order halo.
the line is 28,234,987 people long
wake me up when I’m at the front…

At the front four months later
I’ve lost my family and job
but nothing matters as long as the game comes out
and comes into my hands.

Now I’m on an even longer line
for halo 3 two weeks before release
wake me up when halo 3’s released.

I see trucks in the back right now
they say halo 3 on their side
wake me up when the mob clears up.

We raided the truck like flies and sugar
like we did at Halo 2’s release
but the truck was just a distraction.

The games are in the store right now
but its two days from release
more mobs run through the line
and are jailed up by police.

Now the line is moving fast
as people go in to buy halo 3
but i forgot my pre-order ticket at home.


I wake up in the middle of the night
it was all just an really awful dream
but now the line really is moving.

I bought the game and brought it home.
and got twelve speeding tickets on my way.
but i don’t care, cause i have Halo 3…
So i put the game into my Xbox 360
but all i got was a red light instead of green…


One Response

  1. I’d like to hear and thoughts on it. I know this post is unrelated, but also I’m actually working on a project with songs similar to this one.

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