You probably wouldn’t read this unless you want to make your blog better.

I’m rather glad to say my traffics risen to the point at which I have about 40 visitors a day, even on a day when I only am studying for school or reading up on web design. But lately if you’re like me, you want to improve the number of visitors to your blog. But doing that isn’t going to matter at all if your blog viewers don’t like your work. Thats why its important to make sure that they like your blog as much as possible. Not everyone going to like your work, and you definitely should never lose your point of view for someone else’s. But if you can keep your view on things as well as make your blog posts more interesting and captivating even after reading only the first sentence, then thats all you need to do and eventually you could possibly even double or triple your blog’s traffic. Now, me writing another “Become a better Blogger” with at least a hundred of those out there to read would make it hard to find some simple, to-the-point and helpful articles, so I’ve decided to post links to other articles that I’ve found useful, but I will also share some of what I’ve learned and my opinions to each article.

Why you could be fired (or hired) for Blogging – There are many different aspects of whether or not blogging is good. Having a well-designed and nicely managed blog can make your blog a great resume’, or rather your blog can be so inappropriate or disorganized that it becomes the exact reason you don’t get hired. Either way, if you want to make sure your blog can’t be incriminating against you, then you should read this post before continuing. When the time comes for me to look for a job, this is definitely what I need to keep in mind. (In that case I should probably get rid of the Harry Potter torrents post?) You can also read this article, which is rather lengthy, but has extra information.

Surefire Ways to advertise your blog on a shoestring – You might have noticed by now that I frequently mention Internet Duct Tape. Anyway, this article stresses the fact that being a good writer really isn’t enough to get as much traffic as Google or CNN does. You also have to promote your work so that you can reach a larger audience. But you also have to be picky with where you advertise, and with what sponsor because $60 might only get you 5 hits after your blog is promoted in an ad, while $10 could get you 200 extra hits daily somewhere else. I also liked the idea of submitting your most recent posts to free bookmarking websites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. It all depends on what you’re willing to spend. Be sure to read through some of the comments at this article because they offer some other great ideas such as putting up flyer’s in local coffee shops, etc.

Is your web identity a help or hindrance to your employability: This one almost goes along hand-in-hand with “Why you could be fired for Blogging”. As important as it is to have a clean blog and to not overdo the blogging, its also important to show that you ARE what your possible future boss needs at his company. This also applies to just about anything such as graduating College to being the President of the U.S. Heres a true event sure to convince you reading this article is worthwhile. A young teenager was denied her graduation diploma because of a picture on her myspace of her and her friends with a beer keg. They weren’t even drinking from it. Even wearing a pirate hat while drinking from a plastic cup is incriminating (I really think that it was a stupid reason to be fired for). A young lady couldn’t graduate because of that picture on her myspace. Read it here. Don’t forget to clean up your myspace, Facebook, or whatever other profiles you have.

Now, all of the above articles mentioned were important, but really what it all down to is how good your blog is and how appealing it is to readers. Over at Tech Republic I found an article on how what exactly you need to do to make sure readers come back. Some of these problems can easily be fixed by using a Template such as one from WordPress (preferably a light-colored template because dark colors usually make people sleepy), but others have to do with editing the content of your blog continuously to achieve the best result possible.

I hope these articles help everyone, they definitely helped me. If you have found any other articles that are useful for bloggers, or have an article of your own feel free to drop a comment with the link to it, and if possible how the article helped you.

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  1. I think consistency is the most important thing in blogging. It is the best to publish new posts regular, so that readers will come back regularly for more information.

    P.S. Change your email address to
    Email me at: megavoltageblog[at]

    Or else you will get loads of spam…

  2. No Problem.

    Your articles are very good. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks. 🙂 I checked out your site too actually. I found the “Name that color” especially interesting.

  4. Thanks for the tip Ray. I guess now I know why I end up getting spam from lottery companies all the time when I never even signed up for anything.

  5. @Ray:

    Actually another good way would probably be to put in an image with the @ or [at] sign. I’ve made one that I use, and heres the link to download the image in case anybody wants to use it:
    Simply right-click on the image and save it to obtain it.

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