Firefox User? PC Slowed Down Completely? Fix That without a restart!!

Whenever my Laptop slows down, it seems to always be Firefox’s fault. Why, I’m not sure. Possibly from overusing Firefox, or a bug in Firefox. Maybe because of something to do with the Java Applet. It could even be because I use Vista. But if you are a Firefox user and all of a sudden your computer seems to screech to a halt after taking it out of hibernate or something similar, heres what you should do. (Take note that this can happen both when you are and aren’t using Firefox but were using it recently. First, press the key’s Alt, Ctrl, and Del. This will open up a menu that has Task Manager manager on the bottom if you use Windows Vista. That is what you should click. And in Windows XP and earlier, the Task Manager will open up automatically.

In case you don’t know what Windows Operating System you have, click on the below screenshots to see bigger screenshots of Vista and XP below. The first is Windows XP, and the second is Windows Vista.

Now that the Task Manager is open, simply look through the list of open applications in the Processes tab, which I’ve labeled with a “1” in the below picture. If you see two firefox’s, you should simply click on each of the Firefox’s and then click on the End Process button (labeled with a red “2”) to quickly end it. You may get a message that will ask you to confirm the action, click yes/continue if the message appears. You will now notice a notable speed increase with your computer. Later on though when re-opening Firefox you may see a “Restore Session” option, but I would recommend to click on “Start New Session” so your computer doesn’t possibly begin to slow down again.


Thats it, but I would recommend only using this method though when needed as it may cause glitches Firefox afterwards. Like always, if you need any help I will gladly help with this and anything else within my knowledge, just leave a comment asking for it. And if I can’t help, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction where you can recieve free help.

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Update 9/30/2007:
Well I did some more research, and found that that the bug type that causes this is called a “Memory Leak”. Unfortunately, there are actually dozens upon dozens of reasons this can happen, and there are many of them still unfixed. The best thing to do would be to simply exit out of Firefox every now and then and restart your computer to get rid of any leaks, or just do what I mentioned in the article above if you don’t want to restart your computer. Luckily though, bugs in Firefox are being fixed by people who have the know-how. You can see some recent news on these bugs here. Also, heres a list of some of the Memory Leak Bugs.


7 Responses

  1. how do you type in a glitch i found a really cool one out right now and i might forget it so please respond quickly thank-you

  2. Hahaha…you made a blog post out of it?? Interestingly I was doing the same thing without even realizing this is a hack or something like this…Come on its nothing but you are ending the thread and freeing up the resources. I expected a third party patch or something like that 🙂
    Tk care.

  3. @Soham Das:

    Haha, I’ll be sure to look for a patch then later, and if I do find one I’ll be sure to update this post then. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  4. @Soham Das
    Went ahead and did research. Sadly I couldn’t find any patches because there are just too many reasons that cause this problem. The bugs are often fixed sooner or later though, so just wait for the updates and restart your computer often. 🙂

  5. Funnily, I always feel that it’s IE7 that causes my laptop to slow down. I had to re-format it a couple of days back and I didn’t bother upgrading from IE6 to IE7. Mozilla was also dying down a couple of times. Never realized that there is a bug. It does consume a LOT of RAM though 😦

  6. @Ruhi

    Yeah in my opinion Internet Explorer does seem to be a bit slow itself.

    Also, I really never noticed it was Firefox that slowed down my computer so much until I checked my Processes tab in the Task Manager. I was really surprised at how bad the Memory Leaks get, 20 times as big as Windows Media Player in Vista.

  7. I think there are only more glorious way of doing the same.. there are some softwares which unlock a shared resource[although you got to identify them manually] and ‘claim’ to increase the speed.

    My guess.. its a dubious claim…

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