Trying to install Ubuntu, but lack the know-how? Try Wubi!

Update: Install at your own risk. Read more.

Not long ago, I downloaded Ubuntu, and as the 600 Mb file was being downloaded I waited eagerly and happily until it finished. As soon as it finished, I opened the folder, and checked if there was an installer within the files. Imagine my surprise when I failed to find one. Even worse, I remembered I had no idea how to create a partition. Luckily, I came across Wubi, which solved all my needs and more for free. It does all you need for downloading the most recent version of Ubuntu, customizing the size of and creating the partition for it, installing Ubuntu without the need to create a CD, and uninstall it afterwards in case I don’t like it. Heres a Before-and-After sequence to show you what I mean. To skip it click here.



Now that its installed, you’ll have to restart your computer and when you get the option of using Ubuntu, select it using the arrow keys and press enter. Now it will finish installing, so sit back or go watch TV because this will take a while. After maybe 20 minutes, come back and Ubuntu will be installed, and you can now enjoy it in all its Linux splendor. So far, I’ve found that the menus in Ubuntu make it much easier to access all of your folders, ad I especially like the menu to connect to a wireless network, since all of the networks are displayed in a tiny menu. But enough of my ramblings, go try out it out now.

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5 Responses

  1. Ooooo….COOL STUFF! 🙂 Btw, check out this website: It has lots of details on microsoft alternatives. After reading your post, I feel more confident about my Ubuntu-installing-and-working skills 🙂 I’ll let you know how it went!

  2. @Ruhi

    Haha, I was actually thinking of writing a post on Microsoft alternatives then making a little badge to help, but then I found I hate Microsoft site. Seems interesting, can’t see it now though because I’m not anywhere near my laptop.

    I suppose I could still do a short post and link to and maybe even create a little badge. 🙂 What do you think?

  3. Superb idea! 🙂 Can I use that badge too? I’ll advertize it for you…heh.

  4. How’s Linux treating you? I have been exploring ubuntu using Live CD (which is quite slow)…I need to learn a lot. Are you following any specific tutorial? I’m just reading everything at the ubuntu forum.

  5. Myself, I hate reading through tutorials so I’ve been trying out everything and hoping I do everything right. It treats me nicely though, except for the fact that I can’t exactly do some things such as install new programs without an internet connection, then for the fact when I did try to connect, my phone connection disappeared. I’m planning on trying again soon.

    And for the Microsoft thing, of course. Just have to make it of course, haha. I’ll let you know when I finish it since I’ve been a bit busy lately. Seeing as how you support “the cause”, you could probably help out if you want. Let me know. 🙂

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