Blog Action Day – Be more productive and save energy.

Now when I say energy, of course I mean save electricity as well as save your own supply of whatever you run on (doughnuts, coffee, candy, etc.), so since today is Blog Action Day I have already scoured the internet for a few useful tips and wrote some I discovered on my own so you can better organize and speed up your blog, your website, or your own life. 🙂

For the Blogger-
Creating a Blog Maintenance Start Page with Netvibes – Most Bloggers should agree, going through dozens of websites to keep track of your blog’s community, your email inbox(s), and more can be very annoying and time-consuming. This is where creating a Blog Maintenance Page is handy. But you can do more than just what is mentioned in this post. How about using Netvibe’s tabs to your advantage by using the “Web Page” widget under “External widgets. Simply create a new tab, insert one of these, click on on the top-right side of the widget and insert the url of a web page you need to visit frequently. Repeat as many times as need, and now instead of having several windows open, you can have only one window with several tabs within one page. Yeah I know, that doesn’t make much sense, but look at it this way, all you will have to type afterwards is “”, and all of the web pages will be right there, no further typing necessary.

Create a Tag Cloud to put anywhere, no javascript needed – Ever wondered where I got that awesome Tag Cloud on my “Newcomer?” page? Well thanks to Engtech (pronounced Enj-Tech), I can make one uing his FREE software. Isn’t that awesome?

The Web Designer
30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of – Pretty much sums up the whole philosophy of how to make a great website. Quite a long read, but at least now we have a pre-made guideline to use.

Save your readers ink and paper by using a special “Print Style Sheet” – Don’t you just hate it when people don’t do stuff like this and all of your money goes down the drain buying more ink cartridges?

Other tips-

View your Gmail Inbox as an RSS Feed: This is a simple “lifehack” letting you both view the unread emails in you Gmail Inbox as an RSS Feed without having to wait a long time for Gmail to load. First make sure you’re logged into your Google Account. Now simply go to : and you’ll see your inbox as a feed. Now simply bookmark it so you can easily get to it later. If you want to view the email’s contents, simply click on any email’s title and only the email will open in a new window. Heres a pic to show you what I mean:


Move around channels with the Wii Remote – I found this out thanks to another blogger, but sadly can’t remember that blogger’s website address. By moving the cursor over a channel and pressing bother the buttons A + B at the same time, you can grab the channel and move it anywhere you like. Awesome eh?

Finally, the usual stuff you’ll here on tv –
Saving money from having to pay energy bills – Have your computer even when you don’t use it for even only half an hour? TURN IT OFF. Lights on all over your house even when you are in only one room for ten hours straight? TURN THEM OFF.

Hehe, I’m starting to like the idea of writing lifehacks. Maybe I’ll write more of those from now on. Maybe… Well, save the enviroment!


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