Locating a Wii this Christmas (and what to buy for it)

Both Christmas and Wintereenmas are coming up, and yes I am looking for a few more hits on my blog.


Somewhere in July of this year I remember searching for a Nintendo Wii across the internet, and even tried using Nintendo Wii locators. Those are maybe 2 hours that I will never get back. None of the Wii locators led me anywhere less than 100 zip codes away. And I hate traveling almost as much as round the clock Christmas carols.

Where to look

  • Wii.Yahoo.com/buyers-guide – Its the only locater I can actually tell you about that is even worthwhile. The locater uses Yahoo! maps to find a nearby Wii, by simply asking you for your zip code.
  • Refreshthing.com – There is one more that you can use though. It shows the latest update on where a Wii can be found online by checking sites such as Amazon, and updates every 30 seconds.

Upgrade the “Experience”

  • Wii Lan Adapter – This is for people without Wi-fi in their homes. Quickly create a high-speed internet connection for your Wii wirelessly. Heres how to install it written by Zolved.com.
  • And don’t forget to get the free remote jackets Nintendo offers at their website. That way you can honestly say that outer space aliens broke your TV with your Wii remote next time. Order right away though because they take a while shipping out these to people.

You can even get a messenger bag made specifically to hold most things “Wii”, a video adapter that beautifies the Wii’s graphics, and other accessories for your Wii. Heres a full list of them at Walmart.com.

Finding games to buy.
The obvious thing to do here is to turn to Gamestop, Kmart, and all the other stores that offer these games for sale. Click the links below to go to pages that show the best-selling games in each store.

(All following information is accurate at the time of this post, but may become inaccurate because of the video game industry’s largeness. And because I hate Resident Evil.)

Kmart : Best selling game is Warioware – Smooth Moves.
Amazon.com : Best selling game is SuperMario Galaxy.
Gamespot : Most Popular is Mario Galaxy, but Resident Evil 4 comes 2nd.
Walmart : Yes, Mario Galaxy wins again.

You can’t go wrong with Mario Galaxy, or Zelda and the Twilight Princess of course.

A game I’d like to see on the Wii would be Kingdom Hearts, a game by Disney and Square Enix. Slashing around the Wii remote like a sword can’t be too safe though.

Image Source: Wiispot.com

If you find the problems the Wii causes hilarious, then wiihaveaproblem.com may become your new best friend.


4 Responses

  1. Your information is helpful to those who are less knowledgeable in the gaming culture to search for Wii hardware and software. I will point out though that although using Wii locators is fine for those who don’t have the time, making physical random searches at brick-and-mortar stores has its high points. In my case, I was unable to find a Wii luring the launch period but once I had the funds I asked around at local stores close to work – a Gamestop located in downtown Philadelphia two blocks from my office had a stack of Wiis in the back.

    I also like listening to the Wiispot podcast (Lloyd Hannesson and Edgar Furse) but I wish that they would produce more episodes in a timely manner. They do however cater to the working adult audience more than to the younger demographic which is one of the main reasons why I like the show.

  2. Nice list, but just so you know all the Wii consoles sold now come with the remote jacket and so do the Wii motes you buy in the stores.

  3. @John:

    Actually not all stores have bothered doing that yet. I was looking around recently for a new remote in several stores, and none of them offered the remotes with the jackets. You must not live in the New York area I suppose.

  4. @jameserello:

    What a long comment…
    However, I completely agree with your stance on also making physical searches.
    While looking for a Wii I would often look through store catalogs, but never see any “Wii in stock” announcements. A quick search though Target though turned out completely successful though.

    I’ve even listened to a Wiispot podcast, but I simply didn’t find time to listen to them at home. They’re great though for car rides to find the most recently released great RPG to play (in my opinion).

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