Locating a Wii this Christmas (and what to buy for it)

Both Christmas and Wintereenmas are coming up, and yes I am looking for a few more hits on my blog.


Somewhere in July of this year I remember searching for a Nintendo Wii across the internet, and even tried using Nintendo Wii locators. Those are maybe 2 hours that I will never get back. None of the Wii locators led me anywhere less than 100 zip codes away. And I hate traveling almost as much as round the clock Christmas carols.

Where to look

  • Wii.Yahoo.com/buyers-guide – Its the only locater I can actually tell you about that is even worthwhile. The locater uses Yahoo! maps to find a nearby Wii, by simply asking you for your zip code.
  • Refreshthing.com – There is one more that you can use though. It shows the latest update on where a Wii can be found online by checking sites such as Amazon, and updates every 30 seconds.

Upgrade the “Experience”


The ultimate list of websites optimized for the Wii (even more to be added)

To be continually updated (Updated: 2x)


So I have a Wii. I play games, and surf the internet with it. Still, it’s only a matter of time before I run out of games to play and things to do online, especially if the nearest GameStop is half an hour away and I’m too lazy to get up and buy myself a new game, seeing as how I’m trying to enjoying this extra day of freedom.

The below list includes links to websites with:

Instant Messengers | Search Engines | Music | Videos | Flash Games

If you own a Wii, why don’t you bookmark this page so you can easily find Wii-optimized sites later. Also, if you need help with your Wii or want to see more Wii-related content out http://www.wiitalk.co.uk However, there won’t be an abundance of links right away. First I’m trying out all of the sites, so I can give an honest but short review before you visit the site. Anyway, enjoy!

WiiAim– This is the AOL Instant Messenger specifically made to function easily with the Wii. However, it hasn’t been released yet. Keep this one bookmarked though if you happen to use AIM frequently. For now, you can use AimOnPSP, made by the same company to run AIM with in your Wii internet browser. 🙂

Wii.Clusty.com– A site based around the sole objective to let people search the web, which also happens to be optimized for mobile devices such as cell phones, and the Wii.

You can always download your favorite music onto an SD card, but instead just use online services to create playlists that you can access from your Wii.

Finetune– Create several or at least one playlist from your computer, then access them from your Wii using Finetune at http://finetune.com/wii! No downloads needed at all. If anybody feels like listening to my playlist(s), simply click on the profile icon there and type in “mvraphy” without the parentheses. Each playlist can be up to 45 songs and have only three songs from each artist, that way you don’t get tired  from listening to only one music artist.

Wii Hear: Choose from many diverse online music stations on a list, or connect to any other station you like here and stream music from it. Just follow the instructions on the radio page.

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My Halo 3 Song

This is a song I wrote as a joke that is in tune to “Wake me up when September ends” the live version by Green Day. I don’t have anything against gamers or people who like the Halo games, I actually enjoy Halo myself a bit. I just wrote it mainly to show in general that things like the Apple iPhone or the Sony PS3 aren’t important enough to lose your job or family. I’m planning to record the song with my great guitar skills and (not so good) singing skills and release it for free to anyone who wants it when Halo 3 is released, but the quality won’t be very good due to my horrible equipment. If you have any feedback, good or bad, feel free to drop a comment. You can also use them and record your own version, just leave a link to hear the song. Just please don’t claim the lyrics as your own because they took me about (half) an hour to write. (Did I mention they’re under my Creative Commons License?) Enjoy!

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How to create your own game!

I found a handy post over gameproducer.net on resources both for beginners and advanced game makers that will help you learn more about and at the same time create games . I’ve recently begun exploring this matter myself, and if I ever do create a game I’ll be sure to post it here. 🙂 Anyway, check out the list of resources here.

Easiest place to find a Wii

Nintendo WiiI wasn’t able to find a Wii for 3 months straight, but just yesterday I checked in Target because a friend said they found one there, and behold, they had Wii’s in stock! (They never announced having Wii’s in stock for some reason) So right now I’m enjoying my Wii and the simple yet addictive “Wii Sports“, and I’m so glad I finally have it. Its really small but seems to be better than the PS3 which i tried out yesterday in Target. I especially love the motion sensitive controller since i actually have to move around to be able to play a game, so this way I’ll get some exercise too. I only had one problem in which the Wii Controller didn’t seem to work, but I just had to completely turn off the Wii, then turn it back on. Anyway, I found the Wii in a Target Store at Staten Island. I’m not sure if all the other Targets have Wii’s, but you should check just in case.

Also, in related news it seem that Nintendo is planning to increase productions of their Wii to meet demands for it, but due to the the IC Chips, PCB’s and more already being stretched out in terms of production, it is becoming very hard to meet Consumer Demands, so that means that many people will still be searching for that last Wii in a store’s stock to buy during Christmas.

Good luck finding a Wii, and if you want to leave a message or comment about other places that still have Wii’s in stock, please feel free to.:)

Wikipedia Links: (All above links are the official links)
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii Sports
Sony Playstation 3

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PCmag hands-on with the new PSP

The official release of the new and slimmer Sony PSP is to be released on September 10th, but PC Magazine had a hands-on experience with it and explained how the new PSP is like.

Here are its features in short:

Size: 19% smaller than the original PSP.
Weight: Unspecified, but noticeably lighter than the original PSP.
Feel: More Slenderness
UMD Disc Slot Mechanism: Much simpler than the original.
Ram: 64 Mb, which is twice as much as the original.
Added Abilities: Can now output video to TVs at up to 480 by 272 pixels


: “Ice Silver as part of the Daxter PSP Entertainment pack ($199.99)”
: “Ceramic White in the Star Wars Battlefront PSP Entertainment Pack ($199.99)”
: “Piano Black Core Pack ($169.99)”

The Battlefront version will be released in October.

Source: PC Magazine Online