I really enjoyed blogging, but I think I may actually go in a new direction with my writing, but maybe later on when I’m all finished with my education. Actually, before I could study and blog with ease, but now I’ve been taking on even more life projects, and just don’t find the time to blog much anymore.

I have learned a lot blogging though, and certainly feel I’ve gained some experience with writing constantly.

Who knows, I may come back here in the future, but then again, maybe not. I’m leaving this blog up because some of the writing may prove useful to some people in the future.

Just to see if any people actually read this blog,leave a comment if you do. I doubt I may reconsider, but you never know.

-You local nerd, Raphy


Think2.0 – Easy Draw it Yourself Web Design Online App


My favorite method of learning, and doing projects has always been the one where anything goes. No need for an outline given by the instructor that lets in no original work of your own. Also, I feel my blog is missing a factor, the one that creates interaction between the blogger and the reader (if I have any readers) so I decided to try a new segment where I take one of my best ideas, share it with everyone, and see how much readers add to it over time. Maybe even at some point an idea or two may become something worthwhile to make real.

Today’s topic is: Creating an online service that lets users design a custom web page using for free presets and tools that insert Divs and such. Heres an example of an application similar to my idea:

Considering the fact that users will be able to draw things using an online application, all the divs and such drawn out can be inserted using absolute positioning. Here’s some other features that I think should probably be included of mine making no prior expertise needed:

– Use a “Code” and “Visual” view so that users can edit the HTML itself as well.
– Option of using PHP for better users.
– Anybody know what programming language WordPress’ word processor is made of? Maybe the same language should be used for this. Or maybe Ajax?
– Have option of using preset border designs.
– Have option of creating and saving styles as an external style sheet instead with IDs and Classes.
– Don’t want to make it seem like myspace, but maybe there should be a blog feature, and on every other page a small box with the most recent blog posts and more could be shown.
– Upload and insert images or insert images on another server like Photobucket.
– Integration with Photobucket would be better actually. Log into Photobucket from this account and simply drag and drop or images into a div or use absolute positioning.
– Have filters to add glossiness, and effects such as those found in Picnik. Or rather integrate Picnik as well.
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Quite the contrary…

I seem to have not been able to write anything for this blog of mine this week, but I did start a seperate more personal blog of mine which I call Omgsplosion!!!. It’s where I write down my thoughts on world issues, fighting for ponies and completely random stuff that doesn’t really deserve to be on this blog. Hehe, I did write though a bit on the issue of celebrity bashing and some other things involving celebrities, and if that bores you just view the parody videos of Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” video.

Quick Blog Update

If you used the categories menu, don’t worry about Books as well as several other categories not being there, I moved them to the “Random” category since they weren’t a part of my blog’s mainstream.