Locating a Wii this Christmas (and what to buy for it)

Both Christmas and Wintereenmas are coming up, and yes I am looking for a few more hits on my blog.


Somewhere in July of this year I remember searching for a Nintendo Wii across the internet, and even tried using Nintendo Wii locators. Those are maybe 2 hours that I will never get back. None of the Wii locators led me anywhere less than 100 zip codes away. And I hate traveling almost as much as round the clock Christmas carols.

Where to look

  • Wii.Yahoo.com/buyers-guide – Its the only locater I can actually tell you about that is even worthwhile. The locater uses Yahoo! maps to find a nearby Wii, by simply asking you for your zip code.
  • Refreshthing.com – There is one more that you can use though. It shows the latest update on where a Wii can be found online by checking sites such as Amazon, and updates every 30 seconds.

Upgrade the “Experience”


Wii the most enviroment friendly console?

Just an update to a post i wrote a short while ago, someone had measured how much electricity his house’s appliances used up, and found that the Wii was one of the most energy efficient consoles.

Attaching a device that measures electricity use to various gadgets around his Silicon Valley home, Takahashi found that the Wii consumed just 17 watts. Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox 360, on the other hand, is a veritable power hog, sucking down 194 watts, rivaling Takahashi’s 42-inch plasma TV. The Sony (SNE) PlayStation 3 wasn’t much better, guzzling 171 watts by Takahashi’s measure. Nintendo scored a huge hit with the Wii’s relatively simple graphics and family-friendly games that require players to put down the Cheetos and get off the couch. By eschewing traditional testosterone shoot-to-kill gaming that requires ever more powerful chips to render movie-quality scenes, the Wii is also doing a decent job playing the carbon game.

That is another reason that makes the Wii a better buy than the hefty PS3. I bought it, and if you do you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

Original article Here

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Easiest place to find a Wii

Nintendo WiiI wasn’t able to find a Wii for 3 months straight, but just yesterday I checked in Target because a friend said they found one there, and behold, they had Wii’s in stock! (They never announced having Wii’s in stock for some reason) So right now I’m enjoying my Wii and the simple yet addictive “Wii Sports“, and I’m so glad I finally have it. Its really small but seems to be better than the PS3 which i tried out yesterday in Target. I especially love the motion sensitive controller since i actually have to move around to be able to play a game, so this way I’ll get some exercise too. I only had one problem in which the Wii Controller didn’t seem to work, but I just had to completely turn off the Wii, then turn it back on. Anyway, I found the Wii in a Target Store at Staten Island. I’m not sure if all the other Targets have Wii’s, but you should check just in case.

Also, in related news it seem that Nintendo is planning to increase productions of their Wii to meet demands for it, but due to the the IC Chips, PCB’s and more already being stretched out in terms of production, it is becoming very hard to meet Consumer Demands, so that means that many people will still be searching for that last Wii in a store’s stock to buy during Christmas.

Good luck finding a Wii, and if you want to leave a message or comment about other places that still have Wii’s in stock, please feel free to.:)

Wikipedia Links: (All above links are the official links)
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