Think2.0 – Easy Draw it Yourself Web Design Online App


My favorite method of learning, and doing projects has always been the one where anything goes. No need for an outline given by the instructor that lets in no original work of your own. Also, I feel my blog is missing a factor, the one that creates interaction between the blogger and the reader (if I have any readers) so I decided to try a new segment where I take one of my best ideas, share it with everyone, and see how much readers add to it over time. Maybe even at some point an idea or two may become something worthwhile to make real.

Today’s topic is: Creating an online service that lets users design a custom web page using for free presets and tools that insert Divs and such. Heres an example of an application similar to my idea:

Considering the fact that users will be able to draw things using an online application, all the divs and such drawn out can be inserted using absolute positioning. Here’s some other features that I think should probably be included of mine making no prior expertise needed:

– Use a “Code” and “Visual” view so that users can edit the HTML itself as well.
– Option of using PHP for better users.
– Anybody know what programming language WordPress’ word processor is made of? Maybe the same language should be used for this. Or maybe Ajax?
– Have option of using preset border designs.
– Have option of creating and saving styles as an external style sheet instead with IDs and Classes.
– Don’t want to make it seem like myspace, but maybe there should be a blog feature, and on every other page a small box with the most recent blog posts and more could be shown.
– Upload and insert images or insert images on another server like Photobucket.
– Integration with Photobucket would be better actually. Log into Photobucket from this account and simply drag and drop or images into a div or use absolute positioning.
– Have filters to add glossiness, and effects such as those found in Picnik. Or rather integrate Picnik as well.
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Write, store, and access your documents with a great Editor on the Web. Free.

I noticed I have never done something like this before, so here goes nothing. :)First off, I want to talk about my favorite and only “real” word processor I know about, that can be accessed only on the web. Its name is “Buzzword” (developed by Ubiquity), and its easy to sign up and get into the public Beta. (That’s because it’s still getting new features added.) All you need to use it is a working Windows or Mac computer with Adobe Flash Player. It uses a very unique and simplified interface, and the usual features that let you insert and easily customize tables, spell check, and more are all there. But what really makes it so special is not just one, but several features all talked about in the list below.

1. Have Image. Will Follow. – You can upload an image quickly to Buzzword’s server, drag and drop the image anywhere into the text, and all of the text will easily flow around the image like water.

2. All files stored online – Instead of carrying around a small floppy disc, USB drive, or even your 18 pound laptop so you never have to let go of your important files, fear no longer. Now all you need to do is tattoo your email address and password to your arm to be able to access your files online. FREE.

3. Compatibility with Word – Online your Buzzword documents use their own “Buzzword” format. But when you want to download the file to your desktop, simply choose “save as”, and save it as a doc. file and you can easily open it in latr on in Microsoft Word. Easy right? Absolutely.

4. A little ruler that can easily be stored away and taken back out.

5. Document Version History – By clicking the little Greek or Roman character shown at the bottom of the screen, you can see all of the past versions of your document, and revert to it if it had something important.

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Back up your Browser’s Passwords, Extensions, more.

mozbackup.pngRecently I screwed up while partitioning my laptop and lost all my files. Yippee. 😦 Luckily, I had found a freeware program called MozBackup and had backed up all of my Firefox passwords and more. So I had the backup file on another computer and only had to use MozBackup there and restored all my passwords, bookmarks, and some of my add-ons. Heres what MozBackup can backup:

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Blog Action Day – Be more productive and save energy.

Now when I say energy, of course I mean save electricity as well as save your own supply of whatever you run on (doughnuts, coffee, candy, etc.), so since today is Blog Action Day I have already scoured the internet for a few useful tips and wrote some I discovered on my own so you can better organize and speed up your blog, your website, or your own life. 🙂

For the Blogger-
Creating a Blog Maintenance Start Page with Netvibes – Most Bloggers should agree, going through dozens of websites to keep track of your blog’s community, your email inbox(s), and more can be very annoying and time-consuming. This is where creating a Blog Maintenance Page is handy. But you can do more than just what is mentioned in this post. How about using Netvibe’s tabs to your advantage by using the “Web Page” widget under “External widgets. Simply create a new tab, insert one of these, click on on the top-right side of the widget and insert the url of a web page you need to visit frequently. Repeat as many times as need, and now instead of having several windows open, you can have only one window with several tabs within one page. Yeah I know, that doesn’t make much sense, but look at it this way, all you will have to type afterwards is “”, and all of the web pages will be right there, no further typing necessary.

Create a Tag Cloud to put anywhere, no javascript needed – Ever wondered where I got that awesome Tag Cloud on my “Newcomer?” page? Well thanks to Engtech (pronounced Enj-Tech), I can make one uing his FREE software. Isn’t that awesome?

The Web Designer
30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of – Pretty much sums up the whole philosophy of how to make a great website. Quite a long read, but at least now we have a pre-made guideline to use.

Save your readers ink and paper by using a special “Print Style Sheet” – Don’t you just hate it when people don’t do stuff like this and all of your money goes down the drain buying more ink cartridges?

Other tips-

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My Short Yahoo Mash Review


Well, its a mix between Facebook and some other social network who’s name I can’t remember, but if nobody else is around to annoy you by removing your favorite “modules” (little widgets on your profile), theres nothing left for you to do.

As for customizing it, you’re limited to changing your profile’s background, the module’s colors, and their border. The HTML used to make the web page is more organized, but I have a hard time figuring out which piece of code id which and how to customize it using CSS. Maybe people who have done CSS for 10 years might have an easier time than me though. Luckily though they teach you for free on their blog how to customize your profile page more. You can see all the posts on that here.

Other than that, you can add little “modules” to your web page and choose to let your friends add more, remove, or edit your own modules. You can also edit everything easily without having to visit another web page, just click over an area that seems like it would let you edit it, for example the area that says what country you’re from., and then type in something and you’re done.

But for now, I’m gonna say try later when its no longer in Beta and open to the public, because right now Yahoo Mash is just like a Mosh pit at the Supreme Court in the way everyone will be asleep, or just not there.

You can see a screenshot or check out the suggestion board for Yahoo Mash too.

Firefox User? PC Slowed Down Completely? Fix That without a restart!!

Whenever my Laptop slows down, it seems to always be Firefox’s fault. Why, I’m not sure. Possibly from overusing Firefox, or a bug in Firefox. Maybe because of something to do with the Java Applet. It could even be because I use Vista. But if you are a Firefox user and all of a sudden your computer seems to screech to a halt after taking it out of hibernate or something similar, heres what you should do. (Take note that this can happen both when you are and aren’t using Firefox but were using it recently. First, press the key’s Alt, Ctrl, and Del. This will open up a menu that has Task Manager manager on the bottom if you use Windows Vista. That is what you should click. And in Windows XP and earlier, the Task Manager will open up automatically.

In case you don’t know what Windows Operating System you have, click on the below screenshots to see bigger screenshots of Vista and XP below. The first is Windows XP, and the second is Windows Vista.

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WordPress Comment Ninja Finally Released!

So the “Wordpress Comment Ninja” Greasemonkey script has finally been released. It was definitely worth the wait. In case you don’t know what Greasemonkey is read an older post of mine. Now you can easily comment back to any of your site’s commenter’s from your Comment Panel, and Comment Ninja gives you the option of notifying the commenter that you’ve commented back by email as well. Its a great Gresemonkey script. You can easily see how to use this new script here, as well as see screenshots.

Official Page of Comment Ninja
How to Use Comment Ninja
Direct Download Comment Ninja
What is Greasemonkey?
Download Greasemonkey Directly
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