Think2.0 – Easy Draw it Yourself Web Design Online App


My favorite method of learning, and doing projects has always been the one where anything goes. No need for an outline given by the instructor that lets in no original work of your own. Also, I feel my blog is missing a factor, the one that creates interaction between the blogger and the reader (if I have any readers) so I decided to try a new segment where I take one of my best ideas, share it with everyone, and see how much readers add to it over time. Maybe even at some point an idea or two may become something worthwhile to make real.

Today’s topic is: Creating an online service that lets users design a custom web page using for free presets and tools that insert Divs and such. Heres an example of an application similar to my idea:

Considering the fact that users will be able to draw things using an online application, all the divs and such drawn out can be inserted using absolute positioning. Here’s some other features that I think should probably be included of mine making no prior expertise needed:

– Use a “Code” and “Visual” view so that users can edit the HTML itself as well.
– Option of using PHP for better users.
– Anybody know what programming language WordPress’ word processor is made of? Maybe the same language should be used for this. Or maybe Ajax?
– Have option of using preset border designs.
– Have option of creating and saving styles as an external style sheet instead with IDs and Classes.
– Don’t want to make it seem like myspace, but maybe there should be a blog feature, and on every other page a small box with the most recent blog posts and more could be shown.
– Upload and insert images or insert images on another server like Photobucket.
– Integration with Photobucket would be better actually. Log into Photobucket from this account and simply drag and drop or images into a div or use absolute positioning.
– Have filters to add glossiness, and effects such as those found in Picnik. Or rather integrate Picnik as well.
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You probably wouldn’t read this unless you want to make your blog better.

I’m rather glad to say my traffics risen to the point at which I have about 40 visitors a day, even on a day when I only am studying for school or reading up on web design. But lately if you’re like me, you want to improve the number of visitors to your blog. But doing that isn’t going to matter at all if your blog viewers don’t like your work. Thats why its important to make sure that they like your blog as much as possible. Not everyone going to like your work, and you definitely should never lose your point of view for someone else’s. But if you can keep your view on things as well as make your blog posts more interesting and captivating even after reading only the first sentence, then thats all you need to do and eventually you could possibly even double or triple your blog’s traffic. Now, me writing another “Become a better Blogger” with at least a hundred of those out there to read would make it hard to find some simple, to-the-point and helpful articles, so I’ve decided to post links to other articles that I’ve found useful, but I will also share some of what I’ve learned and my opinions to each article.

Why you could be fired (or hired) for Blogging – There are many different aspects of whether or not blogging is good. Having a well-designed and nicely managed blog can make your blog a great resume’, or rather your blog can be so inappropriate or disorganized that it becomes the exact reason you don’t get hired. Either way, if you want to make sure your blog can’t be incriminating against you, then you should read this post before continuing. When the time comes for me to look for a job, this is definitely what I need to keep in mind. (In that case I should probably get rid of the Harry Potter torrents post?) You can also read this article, which is rather lengthy, but has extra information.

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Random Links Part 2

Well considering the fact that Random Links Part 1 has risen to the spot as #1 post on my blog in less than a day, I’ve decided to continue with it for a while. Here is a second round of useful links that might help you find new websites you’ll like. If you feel that your website, or another website or blog should be shown here too leave a comment and I’ll check out the site and respond as soon as possible. 🙂

Project Releases to look forward to:

  • WordPress Comment Ninja – Script for Greasemonkey (Yes i am obsessed with Greasemonkey). Lets you respond to comments from the comment administration panel on your dashboard. Release: End of August. Click for more info.
  • Blueprint CSS – Create web page styles using a new type of CSS Framework that uses easily customizable grids to make it perfectly organized and aligned. Its a great idea from a tech-student, but it shouldnt be used yet for publishing websites because it is still in development. Example.

Software and Web Services:

  • Wordrackers | Keywords Type in a word and find out what related words are searched most daily. Too bad it costs money though, but theres a free trial, and you can always lie to keep using the free trial.
  • DivShare – Another file hosting service, but with this one you can even embed files on websites, show your company logo in your embedded files, get 200 MB of space, not have your files deleted after a certain period of inactivity, create image galleries, get support for a lot of your files, and much more. (Free to Sign Up)

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Random Links Part 1

Starting today I’m going to start doing “random links” posts that include links to some of the better websites that will to help you find certain things such as song lyrics or torrents, free yet very good software and even articles on how to increase your Vista’s activation deadline. Click read more to read… 🙂

Interesting Blogs:

Web Services:

Useful Articles

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Increase Site/Blog Traffic with Feedburner

Feedburner logoThis is being written as a response to a comment i received.

    “Great entry, but not sure exactly what services you are using with Feedburner I’ve been using their services for a while and I’ve noticed no increase in traffic or anything unless I wanted to pay.”

You can also see my success story of how Feedburner increased my site traffic by clicking here. Well anyway, heres a short tutorial of mine on how to activate as many free services from Feedburner as possible to help you gain site traffic to your blog or website and a bit more:

  • Step 1: As soon as you’ve registered your blog, DO NOT click “skip this step”. You will regret it! Simply click next to continue to upgrade your account for free.

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  • Feedburner gives Instant Results!

    Only yesterday i subscribed for Feedburner’s services. Its main service is to create an RSS feed for your blog or website. But the other services it provides Feedburner gives involves promoting your site or blog on other websites that get a lot of traffic to help increase traffic at your site. Best of all, its free! (to upgrade and place ads on other websites though costs a bit). Anyway, i signed up for as many services as i could, and received a spike in visitors by about 61, only about 59 more than usual. It also seems like I’m not the only one. It seems like the swiss job had similar results, but even better. He showed up on WordPress’ homepage! Here’s an example of my blog’s traffic in the past 30 days

    Update: It seems like Feedburner actually had nothing to do with him showing up on the front page of WordPress, but Feedburner still helps your site gain traffic.

    Blog Traffic in past 30 days

    That huge spike in at the end is the exact same day i registered for Feedburner!So if you want to help gain traffic for your blog, try out Feedburner and use as many of their services as possible.

    Register for Feedburner
    Feedburner Services
    The Swiss Job’s post on feedburner

    And i happen to have had encounters with hackers who’d then spam all over your online account, so i just felt like saying that this is not an ad, i simply wrote it because my experience is real. Not sure what difference it makes though because i could be a spammer and you cant prove it. Haha, well anyway have fun with your feedburner account.

    Update: Just to let people know Opera version 9.23 was released recently and it fixes both some security issues and stability issues.

    To download for Windows click here.
    To download for another system click here.
    Or to download it in another language click here.