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Mega Voltage

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Megavoltage Blog is another logo-less technology blog floating around in a sea of information called the internet, organizing the internet as much as possible and writing about what they cannot live without, like Definr. This writer often blogs about software, technology news, and yes, computers. However, the writer has recently been taking more of an interest in Google products and the Nintendo Wii. So watch out for long articles on making the best out of Gmail, and using those features in the Wii that nobody notices.

The blogger
This blogger I’m talking about named Raphy (nickname) also likes to hear people with tips on how to better use online applications such as Stixy. His most interesting emails are only spam emails that talk about Mexico being in England. His blog email address is is megavoltageblog [at] gmail.com, but he’s mostly like to check his other email address, tech.overlord [at] gmail.com, for emails.

Geek out: I’m also at…
Youtube: the1nintendoknight
Pownce: mvraphy
Del.icio.us: megavoltageraphy
Digg.com: digger2d

Or just email me right away from here.

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