Stop! Microsoft Dependency + more.

This seems to be a growing fad too, but it really is one that is a good cause. Well, not for Microsoft, but for everyone else.

Searching for software that:
– Is open-source.
– Is free.
– Simple and clean yet useful interface.

What I’m trying out:
Gimpshop – Made to closely feel and look like Photoshop, but is free. 🙂
Irfranview – Lightweight image editor with filters and more. Good alternative to Window’s Paint.
Abiword – One of several word processors made to be like Microsoft Word.
OpenOffice.Org Writer – Another Microsoft Word clone, but takes slightly more memory at times. 😦
Metapad – Similar to Windows Notepad, but feature packed.
Buzzword – Online word processor done using Adobe Flash, has mostly basic features but works nicely.

Currently working on: Word processors that are free and work better than Microsoft , free Image Editors that give Adobe Photoshop a run for their money, and lightweight text and image editors to replace Windows Notepad and Paint.Help out too by letting me know how these work for you:
Google Docs
And by finding software similar to those in the Microsoft Office Suite:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word

Help contribute by letting everyone know about free software that are great alternatives to Microsoft and Adobe products by dropping a comment here.


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