My Short Yahoo Mash Review


Well, its a mix between Facebook and some other social network who’s name I can’t remember, but if nobody else is around to annoy you by removing your favorite “modules” (little widgets on your profile), theres nothing left for you to do.

As for customizing it, you’re limited to changing your profile’s background, the module’s colors, and their border. The HTML used to make the web page is more organized, but I have a hard time figuring out which piece of code id which and how to customize it using CSS. Maybe people who have done CSS for 10 years might have an easier time than me though. Luckily though they teach you for free on their blog how to customize your profile page more. You can see all the posts on that here.

Other than that, you can add little “modules” to your web page and choose to let your friends add more, remove, or edit your own modules. You can also edit everything easily without having to visit another web page, just click over an area that seems like it would let you edit it, for example the area that says what country you’re from., and then type in something and you’re done.

But for now, I’m gonna say try later when its no longer in Beta and open to the public, because right now Yahoo Mash is just like a Mosh pit at the Supreme Court in the way everyone will be asleep, or just not there.

You can see a screenshot or check out the suggestion board for Yahoo Mash too.