Trying to install Ubuntu, but lack the know-how? Try Wubi!

Update: Install at your own risk. Read more.

Not long ago, I downloaded Ubuntu, and as the 600 Mb file was being downloaded I waited eagerly and happily until it finished. As soon as it finished, I opened the folder, and checked if there was an installer within the files. Imagine my surprise when I failed to find one. Even worse, I remembered I had no idea how to create a partition. Luckily, I came across Wubi, which solved all my needs and more for free. It does all you need for downloading the most recent version of Ubuntu, customizing the size of and creating the partition for it, installing Ubuntu without the need to create a CD, and uninstall it afterwards in case I don’t like it. Heres a Before-and-After sequence to show you what I mean. To skip it click here.



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